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protection, security, drm, rights management solutions

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drm, protect, security, lock, digital rights management solutions


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Support & Maintenance

Each OwnerGuard package includes 12 months support to receive all fixes, updates, and upgrades to the corresponding OwnerGuard package, as well as technical support. If you are a registered user, you can use Technical Support at : support@armjisoft.com


Password Changes

If you need to change your login Password, contact Technical Support at  support@armjisoft.com with details about your current and new login details. You'll receive new OwnerGuard activation code for your new Password within 24~48 hours.


Money Back Guarantee

Armjisoft provides a 60-day Money Back Guarantee when any package does not function as advertised on website or claimed by our sale representatives (via email). or if you face a problem/bug about a product which remain unsolved within 10 working days from your reporting date. The 60 days start from the date of package activation information delivery.



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drm, security, protection, lock, digital rights management and security solutions