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drm, protect, security, lock, digital rights management solutions


Indirect Licensing


Sometimes generating required licenses for a large number of users in a destination organization is a headache, in this case you can use OwnerGuard flexible Indirect Licensing System, which will give you full but indirect control over the total number of concurrent drm users and their limitations on destination organization. So you do not need to generate individual licenses for each user, instead you'll generate a reseller license with a limited number of nodes and required limitations for a proxy user which can be organization administrators or end users. After that, Proxy user will be able to provide licenses with your predefined limitations and number of nodes for Organization users instead of you.

Indirect Licensing will give you the maximum licensing flexibility in conjunction with OwnerGuard License Transferring Features.

Indirect Licensing feature is available in Enterprise and Enterprise Server editions.




Owner License Generation For Proxy Users

Owner will generate reseller licenses for proxy users in his License Generation process with predefined number of users(nodes) and limitations.



Proxy User License Distribution using License Manager

Proxy user can distribute required licenses with predefined limitations and number of users defined by the main owner in his reseller license.






drm, security, protection, lock, digital rights management and security solutions