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drm, protect, security, lock, digital rights management solutions





What Is Watermarking


Digital Watermarking is the process of embedding information into a digital information in a way that is difficult to remove.
In visible watermarking, the information is visible in the document. Typically, the information is a text or a logo which identifies the owner or user of the document.



Print Watermarking


OwnerGuard supports wide variety of watermarking techniques to be applied on printed documents.

Printing Watermarks are not visible when the protected document is displayed on screen.

Printing Watermarks are applied dynamically when the protected document is printed and they may contain fixed text like Company Name as well as dynamic tags like Printing Date/Time, Computer Name, User Name, Printer Name and Application Name.

Print Watermarking information will be stored in users licenses not the protected documents, so you can define different print watermarks for users of same protected documents.

Using Print Watermarking you can enforce you copyright on printed documents and/or keep track of your users printing activities.



View Watermarking


OwnerGuard supports Stamp and Background watermarks to be applied on source pdfs before protection.




drm, security, protection, lock, digital rights management and security solutions